Monday, 13 July 2009


Not much of a signal at Cropredy so just a brief post to let you know we are all back from our hols and wandering happily up the beautiful Oxford canal. Here is a picture of our home for two days as guests of Sarah and David at the Wharf house mooring in Cropredy (and looked after as always by lovely Auntie Shirl). The weather still good, fluffy clouds, the odd shower but plenty of sunshine too. The good weather gave us a better than expected house for Fair Trade last night and advance bookings for tonight are pretty good too. George and Gemma put loads of new photos on Facebook which I think you can see if you join the Mikron group. If not I will upload some to the blog when I get a better signal. Just off to the local shop now to see if I can interest them in 170 quids worth of loose change! Or shall I have a nap?

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