Saturday, 30 May 2009


Well here we are at the Packet Boat Marina. It's 14.00, the sun is shining, we are moored up where we will perform tonight, there are showers, toilets, power, we are fed, watered and rested. How have we got here when thousands of years ago (yesterday) we were exhausted, broken down (poor Tyseley) and the best part of 20 hours boating from where we needed to be. The answer is the fabulous Friends of Mikron who have come to our rescue yet again. Thanks to the marvellous Morleys for moving our van, feeding us and doing our washing. Thanks to the beneficent Beryl Hunter for feeding us (twice), making a birthday cake for Gemma (happy birthday Gemma), doing our washing (what was left) and advertising the show up and down the canal in the Bulbourne/Marsworth area ensuring two excellent shows.
We left Bulbourne immediately after the show and watered up and then boated in the dark risking the fact that the engine had overheated and cut out twice in the day. Having met Ian Tuplin - down South on business - at one of the Tring locks he realised that someone (hem hem) had turned off the sea cock in checking the mud box and not put it on again so she had run dry. About 1 am she stopped again so we pulled in and moored up until morning. Getting up four hours later she went for less than an hour and cut out again near Cow Roast Marina. At the limit of my technical knowledge, despite many phone calls to Ian (who knows Tyseley very well from moving her over the years but was now home in Cumbria) we got an engineer from the marina who changed the impeller and fished the broken bits out of the thermostat housing. Now many hours late we set off again, running quite smoothly and Ian and Ruth kindly drove all the way from Cumbria to help us with the boating. We made good progress the rest of the day despite being well behind schedule but by the time the Tuplins found us we were on our last legs. They took over and boated on for 3 hours and then got up at 6am and boated on while we slept. We finally made it here early! So thanks to the Terrific Tuplins as well. What would we do without you all. Thanks and thanks again!


  1. Being a "Friend of Mikron" sometimes stretches the bounds of friendship... but that's what mates are for.

    How much more washing have you created? we only missed one pair of George's socks??

    The van has been retrieved from Interaction in MK and taken to The Well at Willen (a safer location and one I'm happy to leave my car at when Van shuffling... we only took a detour via the tip with a load of "prunings from the garden..." Steve did sweep out the reamining evidence!!

    Seriously folks... being a friend of Mikron is fun...even if it can be hard work! Its worth it for the entertainment both on and off the stage. I've been following you lot for 20 years... and still keep coming back for more.

    It was an excellent show at Marsworth if a little cramped inside... but this did provide some hilarious ad-libs...And it was nice to see Pete and Marianne and their two bundles of joy, who are totally gorgeous

    Love from Mandy

  2. I think the Timer on the postings may be out! I posted this at 5.25pm...but there you go!

  3. THANK YOU ALL, we're loving the blog Adrian - you are really hitting the mark and keeping us all informed (as well as our regular phone chats!)Cheers chaps. X

  4. I totally agree with 'General Manager' - I love the Blog too and it's great getting such regular updates. I hope there are no more engine problems and that the sun keeps shining. Here in Kent at 08.22 (whatever the Blog time says!) it's a beautiful morning and warm already.

  5. Hi guys

    Y'all must be brown and crusty by know;) Great to see the progress you're making..just about.

    P.S (I've left a couple of belts and leggings for Gemma in the Office, Hope they reach her at some point)

    See you on the 5th @ the Swan.


  6. I'm sure Tyseley would have welcomed the fact that Ruth and Ian were at the tiller for a short while too - I have yet to see either of them indulge in "impact navigation"!

  7. Here, here Adrain thank God for our Friends! Pete and I enjoyed a cracking performance of Fair Trade last week at Marsworth and hope that the then tired team are now feeling more refreshed! Thanks for all the hard work ;)