Saturday, 16 May 2009


Opened Tales of the Thames at the Syngenta Cellar in the Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield last night. Lovely to have a capacity crowd of over 100 people and a very warm response from the audience. Sight lines are always difficult with the very wide staging but good practice for some of the other strange places we will be playing in over the coming months. George's family was there in force to support their boy and most of the Mikron team who had worked on the show. Big thanks to Rosie, daughter of Paul Lorenz (who looks after Tyseley) and Steph, who helped Katy with the costumes and props for both shows. Weather still very cold and wet. Where is the heat wave we have been promised ? Tomorrow we will be driving down to meet Tyseley and our first show is on Monday at the Wharf Inn, Welford. Sunshine has been requested!


  1. After waving off the 2009 Mikron team to start their summer adventure aboard Tyseley, I caught the weather forecast on the radio and it said that temperatures are set to rise in a couple of days. Let's hope it happens a bit early so the first show is a dry and warm one! May I say that it has been an absolute pleasure to direct such a happy and enthusiastic team of actors. Everyone has worked very hard to bring to life what promises to be another successful Mikron show. The response to the first night of Tales of the Thames was very positive. Have fun you lot!

  2. Here here 'mac'. Great night and great team, let's hope the Blog keeps us up to date with the on tour news, cheers Adrian. Good luck with weather tonight - her it is.....
    Heavy Rain Shower

    * Heavy Rain Shower
    * Temp: 16°C 61°F

    Heavy Rain Shower

    * Heavy Rain Shower
    * Temp: 14°C 57°F

    Sunny Intervals

    * Sunny Intervals
    * Temp: 13°C 55°F
    * Sunset: 20:59