Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Beyond a joke now. August must officially be a wash out as usual. Spencer at the Brandy Cask knows we are a harbinger of doom bringing storm and tempest with us every year. Fortunately David Millett of the Surrey and Hants Canal Society moved us into Fleet Football Club bar before the heavens opened. It’s still raining now at past midnight. When we get back to Gnosall and then High Offley I want fine weather – fat chance. It’s still very warm though and houses continue to be good so shouldn’t complain. Penultimate day’s boating tomorrow. Another year gone - shame.
Trecked up the Shroppie in drizzle and set up the marquee in rain but it cleared into a fine but very cold night. Mike Lucas paid us a visit and we talked boating and sang in the pub at High Offley till Olive chucked us out.

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