Sunday, 15 August 2010


Took the van down to the Coal House in Apperley and cycled back visiting Odda’s Chapel on the banks of the Severn at Deerhurst on the way back a marvellously atmospheric Saxon chapel, lovingly but not over restored and the equally beautiful Saxon parish church. If only we had defeated the Normans at Hastings...
Past huge oaks in the water meadows. I was surprised to see the Severn so low. The muddy banks had wet mud about two metres above the water line. When we got to the Severn lock the keeper told us that it was an unusually high tide and to look out for trees in the river. The tide had just turned so we went on to Apperley.
Coming back to the boat before the show it had sunk a metre below the level of the jetty whereas when we arrived it towered over it. As we watched the shooting stars in the small hours, the water rose again and we slackened off the ropes to reach down to the jetty which rapidly disappeared under the surging muddy water. I had visions of having to dive down to release the ropes as we rose but of course the water soon subsided again and at dawn we were mud bound again with the jetty above rather than below us.
Similar experience at the floating moorings at Haw Bridge. Trees banging against the side of the boat and scraping off into the darkness. Discarded gas cylinders being carried upstream like a freight train and then coming back and wedging between Tyseley and the pontoon.
The current coming up so fast it takes the swans where they don’t want to go – hissing angrily. The wise ducks sit on the pontoon and wait for better times.

More trouble with the cooling system again. River Canal Rescue to our rescue again. Another impeller gone the way of all flesh – don’t know why for sure – may have had the water intake blocked accidentally as we waited at Avon lock but as soon as Rick noticed the water wasn’t circulating and the temperature was up the damage was done and more impeller bits strewn round the system. Now the impeller is replaced the seals on the water pump are leaking again. What Ho! The pump is off to be repaired again. Looking forward to seeing it back tomorrow. Our mechanic, Matt, is on the Sharpness lifeboat tomorrow but plans to come and stick it all back together sometime tomorrow afternoon or evening.

Typical August summer holiday weather, cold and wet with occasional sublime outbreaks of sun such as at Randwick when the fields steam the clouds rise and blue sky turns to a perfect pink and amber sunset with high streaky clouds.

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