Thursday, 11 June 2009


Thanks everyone for your comments, please keep them coming. Sorry to hear about NB Blue Goose - isn't it the way that just when you think you know what you're doing you can mess up in a big way with boating. Tyseley is an expert at dropping you in it and of course only when there is a large and appreciative audience to enjoy one's humiliation.
We have had two lovely shows recently. First at the Bounty in the Independent Republic of Cockmarsh. Thanks David and Sue for the usual warm welcome, copious amounts of good ale and lots of singing Beatles songs into the night. Then a great new venue - The Angel on the Bridge at Henley. Thanks Mark for your kind welcome, lunch and again drinking into the wee smalls. The shows went down pretty well too.
Unfortunately we had our second Henley show cancelled so we have extra days off. Gemma and I are boating slowly on to Woolhampton and Rachel and George have gone home for a well earned rest. Also after days of regular rain there is a curious round yellow thing that has appeared in the sky...I wonder what it is?

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  1. Ahh The Bounty at Bourne End such a great pub and so many fond memories. Glad to hear that yellow thing is making an appearance (I daren't mention it's title for fear of tempting fate!). Glad to hear you're all having a rest. Happy boating and performing. Mx