Sunday, 7 June 2009


Arrived yesterday evening cold and wet after a long day's boating and annoyed a group of Polish fishermen who were drinking whisky round a camp fire on the public moorings and didn't take kindly to being asked to move so we compromised and left our behind out in the stream so that they could stay where they were. They did offer me some whisky though. Highlight of the day for Gemma was managing to knock an obliging skiffer's glasses into the river with one throw of a wet rope. That'll learn him to be chivalrous to lady narrowboaters at locks. As we were being pressed forward by a number of 'gin palaces' we couldn't stop to help but the narrowboat behind us who was stopping to eat his breakfast on the lock moorings (!) had a magnet and when last seen they were dipping hopefully. Tremendous thunder storm and torrential rain in the night which terrified everyone except George who slept through it. A leisurely day in Marlow buying food, eating lunch, shopping and banking as we had done all the boating yesterday. Managed to unload on the public slipway, designed for rowing boats of maximum length ten foot which left us sticking out into the stream almost across to the weir, much to the surprise of the plastic boats still trolling up and down into the lock. Luckily the landlord of the Two Brewers found us a mooring at the end of the garden of a beautiful riverside mansion, undergoing restoration. And we had help from the caretaker Tony in carrying our gear up to the pub. Fortunately we are in the barn at the back of the pub as it looks like more rain. Small prayer - please don't let the Avon be in flood again this year, Lord. The gas boiler is on it's last legs but the gas man cometh on Tuesday I hope.


  1. Hi All
    Glad the Thames is going well.

    Glen and I safely delivered the Mikron Van to Woolhampton for later in the week. We were digging with wrg on the Wilts and Berks so it went via there - and got various comments about where were you etc as your van was in the car park - until I explained I was looking after it. All fueled and ready to go on the next "off waerways" bit.

    Keep up the good work - have heard many favourable comments from friends who have seen the shows and we loved them too. Been trying to drum up some extra bods for you to see Tales of the Thames at the Trout in Lechlade.

    Hello to Dan and Rob etc. Good to hear you doing some boating too.

    Weather forecast is still mixed but I'm reliably informed the rain falls on the righteous!!

    Love from Manndy

  2. Hello you Mikron's.

    Really enjoying reading your amusing musings! We've been entertained by you all every time we've seen you; be encouraged - great, powerful and sensitive.

    'Blue Goose' (our narrowboat) & we too, had hoped to indulge ourselves at a performance along Thames in June but we have been 'caught up' (literally on the cill - big damage!) so hope to catch you on the Oxford Canal in July instead, after repairs.

    In response to your 'prayer request' for flood-free Avon we have asked Him for help so let's be expectant for the things we hope for.

    Hope to see you soon.

    David & Fran (nb 'Blue Goose') B.C.F.

    P.S. If you need any thespian help, we are good at camping-up small parts!

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  4. Went to the Swan on Friday. This was the first Mikron show I had seen. The script and story was very funny but also very moving. Well done to all the cast who did a great job in making themselves heard over the morris mens bells and wrestling with dodgy beards.

  5. It wouldn't be a Mikron show without stiff competition from Morris Dancers every now and again!