Friday, 5 June 2009


Going out on to the Thames much less choppy than last year and a calm journey up to Walton on Thames. Tyseley with new water pump seems to be running well but weeps oil on to the exhaust pipe when pushed too hard so we will retain a sedate pace and hopefully keep going. Sailed blithely past the Swan (our next venue) and had to turn round at the next bridge. You can't do that on a canal. Managed to persuade the boats on the 24 hour mooring to budge up and let us in. Took the kayak out for the first time this year, current very light and then obligatory night time swim at end of which cut all the fishing line off the prop. In the morning we found that someone had untied our three mooring ropes, obviously hoping we would drift off down the river in our sleep. Luckily we were wedged fast on the gravel at the edge and there was so little flow we didn't move! The pub has some awnings we can perform under tonight if it rains which it has been, on and off, since early morning.


  1. Happy Thamesing! It was good to see you all at the Packet Boat - and what a great excuse to take mine out. The look on the Tupplins' faces as Rob and I breasted up and prepared to board Tyseley was priceless! And how nice to see a shiny Tyseley. Thanks due to everyone who contributed to the paint fund, I reckon!

    One question... why is she now 185 instead of 183, her GUCC no.? Anyone know?

    Love to all! Thanks for the great evening...


    ps noticed that Mandy's posting: HELLO! x

  2. 185 183 confusion noted, need to speak to them! Cheers Dan, hope you enjoyed the show.

    ADRIAN - Good to hear you're mixing work with pleasure re. the swimming thing, keep up the good work!

  3. hello all from these frozen wastes, no swimming here! how jealous am i? I wish I was there.glad tour is going well and I hope you are all enjoying bringing Tales of the Thames to life infront of an audience. Hello to Daniel.

  4. I have some very funny photos of the boat captain swimming in the Thames-reckon one may be good enough for him to become Mr June in next years Mikron Calendar :)

    Hey to Richard! Hi to Rob and to Daniel, was lovely to have a surprise visitation! P.s Sorry to the man who offered to take a line from the front of the boat for me....I managed to lasso his glasses stright into the Thames, where they sank with alarming speed. Oops.

    Love to all Gemma x

  5. P.P. Ill post all of my tour photos when I'm at home for the 6 day break x

  6. Steve has some photos too - taken in Milton Keynes and Stoke Bruerne - will send a disc to the office with fuel reciept. Will let the cast have a copy when we catch up with you in a couple of weeks on your way back up the Oxford.

    Love from Mandy