Friday, 30 July 2010


A lovely day’s boating over the summit of the Oxford on leaving Cropredy in misty rain followed by bright sunshine and then soft rain again. Keith at the Wharf Inn has acquired two large Vietnamese pot bellied pigs who are on a diet as they are overweight. This doesn’t stop them drinking the slops though and apparently pigs have a complete tolerance of alcohol and never become drunk. A bit of drizzle in the early evening but still warm and overcast clearing to a beautiful sunset over the rolling Oxfordshire fields. The apple tree in the pub garden laden with fruit as summer moves steadily on. Off again at seven tomorrow but Gemma has promised porridge.
A long day’s boating along the Oxford starting in bright sunshine at 7am and then driving rain and then sunshine again. Sad to leave the Oxford which is very windy, very bendy, very shallow in places but uniquely beautiful and so English and crashed round the corner at Napton Junction and onto the M1 of canals, the Grand Union and up the big locks at Calcutt and on to the Boat Inn at Birdingbury. New landlord but very much keeping up the Mikron tradition with a good house, lovely food and now a marquee as well! We didn’t need it as the evening was fine and clear but bodes well for the future. Thanks Paul and Matthew for making us so welcome.
Off again the next morning and a moving day, plenty of locks and plenty of interesting things to see. Ended up at the Cape of Good Hope but never made it into the pub but sat and drank wine and played Uno in the Boat at the foot of the stairway to heaven. Ploughed up the stairway in good time, teamed up with a nice boat and did the whole flight in two and a half hours. It seems to get easier and quicker every year.
On leaving Hatton, getting round in the pound not as easy as it should have been, lots of mud and plenty of incompetence from me. Emptied the elsan – glad to see everyone seems to be chewing their food properly and up a very low canal to Rowington. Gemma made porridge with hand picked blackberries which seem to be very good this year – made into a lovely compote. Weather still grotty and steady rain as we set up in the village hall in Rowington as sadly the Tom O’ the Wood is closed. Thanks to Mike and Jude for organising the venue and for show sponsorship and wine and cheese...and cheese and wine.
Forecast says rain for next few days...


  1. It's such a joy to be able to read about Mikron's tour again this year. It's a shame about the rain. Here in Kent the garden is becoming a desert so perhaps you could send it our way! By the way, it's a few weeks ago now but I did enjoy seeing you at Bablock Hythe for Striking the Balance. What a glorious evening again. I came with Phil who hadn't seen Mikron before and he was very impressed. We want to see Pedal Power - I missed it first time round - but we're really struggling to get to a performance. It's a shame that both your London shows this year are Striking the Balance! If I win a fortune on the lottery tonight can I pay a huge sum for you to come and do a private show in Kent?

  2. Jill, the short answer from above is YES of course, we'll keep our fingers crossed! On another note, thanks so much for your comments, Adrian is doing a great job of blogging again and we love reading it too!
    The blog is featuring in our friends newsletter and a talk I'm giving this week so let's hope we get lots of new readers!