Thursday, 15 July 2010


Woke on Tuesday to find water falling from the sky in vertical strips and had to spend the day dozing, eating and doing crosswords out of pure shock. Fortunately the drizzle only continued during the get in and sporadically during the show so no major disruption. Great to see a large party of Oxford cyclists charging in at the last moment, everyone sporting at least one item of luminous yellow apparel, the sure sign of a cyclist and LED lights hanging off every rucksack. Thanks to Zoltan and Sam for making us so welcome – we really appreciate it.
Aynho is turning into a nice venue. Renee and Ali are settling in and have removed the largest of the concrete planters in the middle of the courtyard and so now there is a nice playing space. Rain bucketed down for about 15 mins and then settled into a calm dry evening.
Moving onto Banbury the Oxford canal is as lovely as ever. Fluffy clouds, sudden rain storms, poplar plantations thrased by wind and then sudden sun on the ripening corn fields backed by huge blue skies and high streaky clouds. And then rain again...

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