Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Got up early and got the bus into Oxford for company day of fun. Put our wages in the bank and then met up for coffee and cake in a pavement cafe. Bought food and wine in Sainsbury’s and went to see Rob Matthew (remember him? ex Mikron actor and co author of ‘If you go down to the woods’) in an excellent production of The Tempest in the gardens of Wadham college. A perfect day for it, we sat in the shade and drank wine and enjoyed other people running about shouting. A great production, very inventive but not tricksy with excellent performances, clear storytelling and a lot of fun. Rob was superb as the drunken steward, Stephano. Then punting of course, Gemma was the star and we glided round the little circuit from Magdelen bridge, feeding the ducks who were so tame (or so hungry) that they chewed your fingers if you left them unattended for a moment and leapt into the boat after crisps. By the time we had downed a pitcher of Pimms and stuffed ourselves with Korean food I had reached the shores of Lethe and had to be walked to a taxi and so to bed. As Rick pointed out it was a bit of a busman’s holiday going to the theatre and boating but fun all the same.

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