Sunday, 4 July 2010


Great weather for the whole of our stay in Woolhampton and consequently excellent houses for the two shows there. Thanks to Margaret again for doing all our washing and taking all our recycling. On Wednesday we went by van to Lechlade and performed there for the second time. Thanks to Bob and Penny - not least for the lovely meal after the show. Got the water pump fixed - it needed a new one again which is the third in three years - being driven by actors is obviously hard work for an old narrow boat. Fought our way back along the Kennet and Avon through all the swing bridges and deep locks. Going through one lock with another boat we were pushed very close to the cill. The couple on the other boat said in their guide it says Maximum length of boat 70 foot if paired up. At 72 foot I let them go on and we went through most of the rest of the locks on our own and siting across the lock! If it's in the Nicholson guide I didn't see it. Moored up at back of Tesco in Reading now enjoying a jacket potato and baked beans in the cafe.

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  1. Rock and roll in Tesco, thanks for the lovely blog again, we'll post this to get the news out there!