Sunday, 6 June 2010


The mikron blog is back. Just a very quick post to say we are back on the waterways at last. Tyseley is in great condition having been given a good going over by Paul Lorenz during the break and many little and not so little jobs sorted out. One example - Lots of brand new copper piping on the cooling system which is now (touch wood) working like a dream.

Also quite a few useful additions from Ian Tuplin on the move down, phone chargers (!), a 240v socket in the boater’s cabin run off the invertor and a beautiful new chimney with chunky brass bits and a new water can all done out in lovely traditional canal painting. Thanks Ian, Ruth and Paul.

Further good news, the bilges are dry and so Tyseley is bobbing about like a happy cork which is especially evident when Rick moves from one side of the boat to the other. This coupled with good water levels and dredging on the grand union means we have made excellent progress and boating is a joy.

More soon.


  1. Welcome back to blog land. I look forward to watching your escapades