Saturday, 19 June 2010


Discovered for the second time that when on the internet weather forecast it shows an icon with overcast skies but no rain it means steady rain all evening from the time the get in is completed, right through ‘Good evening ladies and gentlemen, we are Mikron Theatre Company’, ‘There will now be a short interval’, ‘Thank you very much for coming’...the get out etc. Fortunately at the Packet Boat Marina we had the Floating Classroom – ‘Elsdale’ to come to our rescue and we picked up all the kit off the jetty and forced it into the bar and had a great ‘Pedal Power’ to a very enthusiastic audience of 25 people packed into a small space. It must have gone down well because we sold five copies of ‘Fellowship is Life’ – the book on the Clarion Cycling Club on which the show is based. For those of a statistical bent that's 20% of the audience.

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