Friday, 11 June 2010


Been a busy few days with great shows at the Admiral Nelson in Braunston and Badsey’s cafe at the Locks, Hilmorton. Our host Ian had known Mrs Thatcher in his time as a policeman and was particularly amused by ‘The Lady’s not for Turning’. On Monday we drove to Southwell for a new venue – The Hearty Goodfellow – and performed for a hundred jolly people in torrential rain in a marquee in their car park which was fun and we look forward to returning soon. Boating now to another new venue, The Narrowboat Inn at Weedon. Plenty of water in the canal due to heavy rain and not too long to queue at the Buckby flight.

Highlight of my day so far was seeing Rick try to chuck his coat back into the boat from the bank only to see it sail easily over the gunwhale and into the water. It amused me anyway.

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