Thursday, 24 June 2010


What a long week. Last day off was on the 16th June and was spent in hospital world in Coventry. On the 17th we set off at 6am and boated all day arriving at Hillingdon about 12 hours later. The following day we went to HNBP for gas and water and life jackets and elsan and did the show in Uxbridge. Another early start and going through Camden lock bedlam (usual foul abuse from trip boats) and another show and then the travel to Limehouse and then the tidal Thames. Woke up with a hangover and full of curry from the night before and finished the journey to Walton on Thames. Did the show. Next day boated to Maidenhead setting off at 7 am again, dropped Gemma at the most expensive restaurant in the country at Bray and managed to ground the boat on the public jetty and worry adjacent gin palace owners. Then on to Maidenhead and loaded the set from the boat to the van, avoiding trip boats and did the show at Medmenham. Back to boat and next morning re loaded set from van to boat. Water pump leaking more each day - have to do something about it soon. A crazy lady jumped on the boat and informed us that Rick was an American thief who dyed his hair ginger. Chucked her off and set off, arriving at Marlow lock where the lock keeper was to provide moorings. No moorings. So we sat on the public slipway by the Two Brewers - beloved of Jerome K Jerome - and watched bits of the football (Englerland v Slovenia) and then did the show. Re loaded to boat and up to the public moorings beyond Marlow bridge in the dark. And so to bed. A great week, good fun, great shows lots of nice friends of Mikron - old and new - but I'm tired now. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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