Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Leaving Milton Keynes on a sunny morning heading towards the three locks at Soulbury I managed to fall in the canal poling off a mudbank that we had somehow got stuck on and landed in water up to my ankles. Only to fall over as I landed and soak myself thoroughly. Arriving at The Grand Union, a new venue, the sun was still shining and the weather forecast was light showers so we set up the gazebo just in case. Half way through the first half the heavens opened and bucketed down for the rest of the night. We struggled on with us under the gazebo and the audience under the pub’s large umberellas and a sheet of vertical water between us. Many thanks to Graham and Linda Cooper for taking our costumes to dry them. Continuing the theme we again got stuck fast on a mudbank approaching Church Lock at Grove the next day and Rick valiantly got in the water to push us out. The pictures of Rick changing his clothes on the bows wearing only a leather hat were interesting to say the least!
Luckily the rain left us alone at Marsworth although it was extremely chilly which fortunately didn’t deter a large and enthusiastic audience enjoying Striking the Balance. Thanks to our great friend, Beryl Hunter for feeding us, taking washing and doing so much to publicise the show and get a good house.

Great to see a large shoal of the Marsworth carp in the canal by the White Lion sucking the bread under the water like a lot of fat, bearded old men.

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